What are the skills to open a new clothing store

clothing store can be managed properly, and the purchase has a very large relationship, but for many novice, how to do the work has become a problem. In fact, clothing wholesalers are to do this, especially small sellers after the key to make money, so it is necessary to keep a good relationship with wholesalers, summed up a few here for wholesalers with tips, you can refer to.

has a lot of novice first go to the wholesale market purchase will encounter a problem, when the goods in a stall, some boss suddenly took out a pile of goods to sell to you suddenly, many novice owners at this time was a hot head, don’t know why would all buy, is very passive, so when when you enter a clothing stall, keep the sober head.

a lot of clothing store businesses will focus on the display business clothing store, this is not what is wrong, but they ignore a very serious problem, the problem is that the purchase clothing store, many times may your clothing store display good decoration business is also very good, but the business has been bad. Why is this? In fact, it is likely that because of your purchase problems.

For many

for the novice, the way the market is not familiar with the market, and there is not much understanding of the clothing product sales, so we first get the goods, many are as a test, so I’d rather take less don’t take more, with your own shop longer, will know how much for the goods. So when we started our purchase in order to reduce the risk of, don’t take too many goods, this time relative, at least you should take basic clothing store to hold up, I don’t say much, you will get two or three pieces, it is also the big ass.

1, novice to open clothing store purchase to pay attention to personal image, the boss looks like. Speaking level, insightful, try not to say any word, so as not to be underestimated, of course, not too loaded to force, speak with propriety, in fact very good skills.

2, new clothing store purchase if the price almost reached the psychological expected, don’t bargain with the boss, profits down installment of the transition, the boss will think you are in trouble and petty, don’t want to talk to you. Wholesale price, in fact, each earn less, if 30 can make you 1, it is already very much to your face, do not count on the 5, a counter-offer of 10.

things do not care too much, to remember that they are doing great things, if the one or two yuan and wholesalers and speaking in terms of, will only make people look down on. Who love straightforward person, in cooperation with the wholesalers Zhishuang, will win more opportunities for cooperation, sometimes a bit more profit than to the people, but also on their posterior stability.

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