The 5 big problem must know the business partnership

many entrepreneurs will choose the form of partnership entrepreneurship, but there will be a partner in the business of conflict and friction, so there are many problems in the partnership business should pay attention to.


first, why we choose to cooperate

does not have enough money to start a business, or lack of experience or when we have to choose entrepreneurial partners, we choose to cooperate! Because cooperation can make the project a very good development, cooperation can make our cooperation both resource sharing, cooperation can make you stronger; what are the benefits of cooperation, can what brings to each other.

two, cooperative goals and objectives

is insufficient to make, find the key partners, the rational allocation of interests is the main problem of your partner choice. Control of human factors and partner for your project will be very careful, when you have any kind of resources, in the choice of partners, Chinese partners must have very good cooperation resources, this resource is your cooperation purpose, aim at the industry’s position is clear cooperation aim, cooperation can be established.

three, the proportion of investment in the process of cooperation profit distribution

as a partner to do business in a very important matters of cooperation, cooperation between the two sides according to the proportion of investment is their cooperation resources arising because of price! Investment proportion and the distribution of benefits is proportional to, also written details clearly; of course, according to the change of operating conditions, input to change, in the beginning it is necessary to analyze later funds or resources into 1 if a party does not have the strength of financing, the other party will put into the corresponding share of investment shares, to allocate the input-output benefit! According to a written contract of assignment both parties agreed cooperation, both sides of the profit distribution.

four, the responsibility of partner

Their respective duties,

venture partners to clear the partners not fuzzy, to be able to come up with written analysis of responsibility, because it is long-term cooperation, clear responsibility for the most important, so you can not pass the buck, in the latter part of the operation of business cooperation in a lot of Former friends become enemies with each other., there will be problems, because the responsibility is not enough


, five partners of the exit mechanism of

for cooperation in order to better cooperation, when one side exit, what time to quit, exit and exit investment ratio than the ratio, and how compensation, who is to take? These to advance written clear, sign the contract, the late cooperation projects both sides can smoothly finish the unnecessary connection, not loyalty with things, that we are friends do not have to care about the mind! A reasonable exit mechanism is a very important part of the


learn how to resolve the disputes between each other, the friction between the two sides of the cooperation is mainly the late management rights and profits of the distribution of contradictions, reasonable arrangements for cooperation responsibilities, clear the interests of both sides,

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