Liu Xin increase the management of the project can drive sales

traditional store business has been faced with more and more problems, the store business is more and more difficult to carry out, which is the problem of many shopkeepers are worried. If we can not innovate, in the current competitive environment, will be eliminated by the market. To this end, Liu Xin increased operating projects to enhance the popularity of the store, but also led the product sales, earn a higher profit.

my shop in the town center street, from the shop has been 15 years. My shop is their own store, operating various brands of alcohol and tobacco, non-staple food, special snack, daily necessities, season seasonal goods etc.. Because I have been operating in good faith, the customer first, honest business philosophy, so business has been good. But in recent years has gradually increased the number of large and small supermarkets, coupled with the impact of these two years by the environment, business is more depressed than before.

to see business gradually cold, I will change the thinking, increase business projects. I found near this year we are building a new school, there are a lot of construction workers and a model version of coolie villagers are from a few kilometers or even ten kilometers rural villagers, so they must be in town for lunch snack to eat fast food. Sometimes some migrant workers in order to save money, they will be in my shop to buy a bottle of water and two bread to eat even lunch, see those migrant workers so hard but even a meal are reluctant to eat, I can not help but feel sad.

from migrant workers in the conversation that fast food shops charge a little expensive, but the food tastes differ, and every time they saw our meal food color aroma and taste, they jokingly said: "boss, your family meal let us see drool with envy, if your home is open meal well, we have on your home restaurant, the noon eat bread, the fast food shop guys also called over."

heard the customer said, I thought, this is really a good way to meet their needs, and can improve store popularity, put them together into the store, more or less can promote the consumption of other commodities. Just do it, so I will be in the store next to build a makeshift kitchen, bought some simple facilities, started early, fast food shop, pick up a reorganization, put a few small table in a corner of the store, which is convenient for the customers dining rest.

since I have increased the fast food business, the migrant workers have been transferred to my shop to eat, and even a few employees near the electronics factory is not to eat in the restaurant to eat. With the popularity of the upgrade, obviously led to the sale of other goods, I shop cigarettes, drinks, daily necessities, etc..

comments: Liu boss’s practice is good, in the business depression time to be able to store a business project, >

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