Talk about returnees Entrepreneurship fancy contacts are more willing to take to air

day before, according to the different age of the returned overseas students (returnees) at work, entrepreneurship, social integration and other aspects of the situation, the flag in the high-end recruitment platform to Chinese Zhaopin Zhuo employed and globalization think-tank (CCG) jointly launched the research on employment survey of 2015 Chinese returnees, and obtained many important results.

as a well-known human resources service platform, the Zhuo employed in the crowd included returnees high-end talent group service, with great authority and rich experience. The study, the task force through a network survey, covering the birth of the returnees from 1950s to 90s conducted a detailed analysis of the group. In terms of employment, returnees group performance is normal, but with the formation of a huge contrast is a huge change in the choice of returnees groups.

to the north of Guangzhou entrepreneurial returnees groups: not easy to say love you

According to

, in the choice of employment, up to 87% groups of returnees still tend to the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities; but in the choice of business, the charm of Kita Kamihiro are gradually reduced, and to the divergence of the two or three line of the city and the central and western regions of the trend. The Zhuo employed overseas employment experts believe that Kita Kamihiro as a handful of domestic developed areas in the capital, although the advantage of no additional, but also led to the relative personnel and technology are highly concentrated. High speed information exchange frequency and intense competition in the market, will inevitably make shaky business groups of returnees virtually increases the The climate does not suit one., entrepreneurial groups of returnees start-up costs.

at the same time, the north of Guangzhou is relatively poor living environment, but also greatly reduce the entrepreneurial groups of returnees entrepreneurial performance, compared to more than labor labor employment needs. This led to the workplace legend fled North Canton in today’s entrepreneurial returnees groups interpreted as a reality.

entrepreneurial returnees groups in the two or three cities and central and western regions ushered in the spring

, Zhuo employed overseas employment experts said, compared with the first-tier cities poor living environment, the two or three line of the city and the central and western regions in the choice of entrepreneurial returnees groups and timing, and has more advantages.

With the rapid development of

Chinese government of western development strategy and the continuous deepening of regional economy, the two or three line of the city and the central and western regions in the total economy is gradually reduced with the gap between the first-tier cities north of guangzhou. Although the overall process still takes a long time, but the development so far, the results achieved for all to see. This is the foundation of the two or three roots of the returnees groups in the city and the Midwest to lay the foundation for entrepreneurship.

at the same time, changes in the regional industrial structure, but also greatly affected the choice of entrepreneurial returnees groups. The manufacturing industry, financial industry and a number of pillar industry is gradually from first-tier cities to the two or three line of the city and the central and western regions of diffusion, thus reducing the pressure of the competition situation, the business groups of returnees have. At the same time, along with the rise of the economy took off with the second industry and the development of the industry, but also to make more choice in the choice of returnees in the group of entrepreneurs.

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