Zhangshu City strengthen entrepreneurship to help drive more people to employment

encourages more people to better promote public entrepreneurship, employment, therefore, continue to strengthen the policy of helping entrepreneurs in Zhangshu City, more and more awesome, entrepreneurs should know how to seize the opportunity.

"you this pig construction to transform, now this season, but not in winter, winter in piggery maintained at a temperature of 15 degrees to 23 degrees, and raised to try to let the pig to eat eat feed, while pig feed nutrition should be feed by bean cake, bran swinelike needed." Not long ago, the city of entrepreneurship guidance group to the town of Zhang Wenxin, the town of pig farm site help.

the implementation of the "teaching students entrepreneurial entrepreneurs", "expand the coverage of entrepreneurship guidance", highlighting the personalized service, improve the success rate of business entities. At the same time to increase the support of entrepreneurs, to relax the conditions of small loan guarantees, lower the threshold, improve the amount of small loans, loans by the same level of financial subsidies, increase the financing guarantee for entrepreneurs.

are said to have good policies to support entrepreneurship, indeed, more and more entrepreneurs to achieve the entrepreneurial dream in the policy to help, and to realize the dream in action!



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