Private communities to do a good job in a good project

what is entrepreneurship? Is to find a job opportunity, this opportunity must have the market prospects, have new ideas to attract everyone’s attention, today Xiaobian to introduce a very creative, and the market foreground is very wide, interested can look at.

and the business investment can be small or large, can be said to belong to one hundred thousand yuan venture, but benefit money, invest one hundred thousand present month net profit of about 2 – 30 thousand yuan. Of course, you can increase the investment with the good or bad business. There are many similarities with

A, higher returns. According to the person in charge of a private storage company in Chongqing community, the size of the community to rely on the storage of investment in real estate lot, but even the first tier cities prime locations, a monthly rent of 5 yuan. At the same time, a square meter of land can be built at least three or four cubic meters of storage space, and self-service warehouse rental price is the average daily rent of about $10 per cubic meter, relatively large profit space. In the community of Chongqing City warehouse as an example, the monthly rental income of about four million, which costs about 20 million yuan, investors about 50% of gross profit margins.