Three do not fly case look at the nternet entrepreneurs just need and scene

introduction: entrepreneurs often encounter such contradictions in the grinding products: the fictitious user needs, users just need to hold; construct the user scene, but can not cultivate the user just needs; but not just need to seize the construction scene.


these days often and Internet entrepreneurs to deal with, everyone wants to start in this era, every entrepreneur brain hole wide open, cudgel thinking every user needs and user scenarios. In the author’s opinion, the test of whether the project is only two criteria for flying, the first is to meet the needs of users, second is the ability to build the use of scenarios.

entrepreneurs will often encounter such contradictions in the polished products: the fictitious user needs, not just need to seize the user; construct the user scene, but can not cultivate the user just needs; but not just need to seize the construction scene. I would like to use these days to meet the three cases do not fly to illustrate the relationship between the need and the scene and the relationship between the entrepreneurs who encounter.

case a: no need, no scene

sets the needs of users, even fanciful problems just need to venture in Zhongguancun street meet the eye everywhere. Such entrepreneurs can be described as the most unreliable entrepreneurs.

For example, the

a few days ago met an entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial project is love the campus of the university application, he hopes to build a platform, covering the whole country through the application of such a meeting, the Polytechnic is not very talkative man needs love. And he opened the reason for such a project is around him to ask him to help introduce a girlfriend.

such a project, of course, is not a reliable project. So, we look back on the needs and scenes of love, through such a dimension of the entrepreneur’s project is not reliable.

love is indeed a polytechnic male who just need (of course, I also have a lot of friends that love isn’t just need, but a special) through the platform of love love is not just to be very questionable. Because WeChat and QQ as a strong relationship chain, far more suitable for such a platform for love chat.

from this point of view of the scene, such a product contains only the chat function, in fact, is the end of the child by WeChat. Love can actually count as a O2O scene, the general scene should be campus line activities after knowing with WeChat chat, I feel good after the public comment in a restaurant after dinner and in-depth exchanges, the drops hit a car to go to the cinema to see a "Taoist mountain". Finally, even to the hotel, you can also use WeChat to pay the scan code.

so, love can through WeChat, and even WeChat one-stop service is also more perfect, so why should I hire you such a campus love platform? Such a product would not be reduced to the last campus about gun artifact


case two: just to be there, no scene "

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