Wanzai County of Jiangxi province to help the disabled entrepreneurs entrepreneurship training as th


can be said to be a very important social group, at the same time, there are a lot of disabled people’s life and work has been the concern of the whole society, to help people with disabilities self-reliance is a need to society.

"to participate in entrepreneurship training, my life is thick and heavy in colours of a pen, watershed is my life. From then on, I went to the road of entrepreneurship, build up the family fortunes." Entrepreneurship training students Li Zhenggen said. It is reported that Li Zhenggen attended the county for disabled disabled entrepreneurship training at the beginning of last year, then opened the "organic agricultural products" Xinxin Taobao shop. Up to now, he worked the store profit 163 thousand yuan.

for helping disabled employment, since last year, the county has organized 53 disabled persons to participate in Entrepreneurship training. At the same time, for the students held a special recruitment, project promotion and other assistance activities, and entrepreneurs who have the intention to implement the million business plan, small loan guarantee policy. According to statistics, the county for the disabled students to provide interest free business loans about 400000, to support the realization of the dream of the disabled 26.

actually for the disabled friends for such an entrepreneurial training, not only can help the majority of disabled people on a fast track to do poineering work become rich road, and also can help them to establish the goal of life, is worth pursuing.


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