South Korea provided Terri snow ice to join what entrepreneurial advantage

now, throughout the year in our lives, the demand for cold drinks has been very hot. In the catering market, entrepreneurs choose to join South Korea provided Terri snow ice project, not only has a high popularity, to choose a lot of advantages. Next, let’s take a look at the choice of business to join South Korea provided Terri snow ice project, which has the advantage of the!

1, added: we use only pure snow ice milk (not water) without additive, fresh fruit, healthy ingredients to do health food stores, other than the snow ice snow ice taste more fragrant, more nutrition, so you can not stop the mouth.

2, wide consumption: we store customers to enjoy Korean people, white-collar workers, students, and closely follow the trend of the quality of life of consumers, provided Terri snow ice style, service consumers love through word-of-mouth consumer experience, shops in natural fire.

3, new environment: South Korea Terri snow ice style diversification, the Swiss mountain cabin, snow cold and warm in the cabin, especially at night, turn off the headlights, lights all blue and orange tone series show in the evening sunlight in winter, the perfect interpretation of the snow mountain huts feeling, can make you comfortable enjoy quiet time.

4, save time: a Korean Terri snow ice flow, 20 seconds began to break the ice, 1 minutes can be completed within 1 bowls of (150-200g)

5, easy operation, beautiful shape, stylish appearance, positive for the touch of a button, can freely adjust the ice thickness. Simple and easy to use, no heating products: water-cooled production, low noise, suitable for coffee shops or need to use a quiet place.

6, the use of safety and health: South Korea Terri snow ice open type cleaning function, the use of disinfection detergent to clean 15 minutes, easy cleaning.

has the advantage and the characteristics of the brand to join the project, not only to attract the attention of franchisees, at the same time, the mention of the South Korea snow ice to join the project, or a very good choice! So, what are you waiting for? Come and leave a message!

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