How can a shoe store run well

finally opened a successful shoe store, but if it is due to the improper operation of the shops led to the impact of the business, which will naturally make many operators sad. Moreover, we all know the store warehouse shoes are generally neat code, or the goods sold is not very good to good, do not go up the goods, or the old to clear after the new, because we are not like the company store, or inventory will be a lot of pressure, is the stock risk retail stores are most afraid of.

so we have to control the inventory so that we will have a regular shopping staff will face the possibility of broken code. We know that shoes are not smaller than the clothes a little will not have great sense or affect the comfort of shoes to wear shoes, a code pinch a yard off the foot, then we will face the loss of minutes to a customer, how to do?

Not all the clothes shoes

1. code is out of place, just put a pair of shoes only, other shoes we can only put in the warehouse, guests will then take her to try, this requires the shopping guide to the warehouse goods color code number to know and all there is to know the place in the warehouse location.

as a client to watch a pair of shoes, the shoes she was wearing to the warehouse is 230 yards, while our store did not 230 yards, but you don’t know the warehouse no goods have also been dedicated to the guests, also very love, but you were such a boast more love, the other section is even not on, while you go to see the barn without the goods, how to do, the customer does not want to order it, this one is not wasted it.

if you know the goods did not start, the beginning of the melody with the similar models introduced to her, tell her wholeheartedly the paragraph (various colors and styles, quality, how collocation, comfort) etc., then I think the customer will accept your offer to buy the money and not run.

2. is a shoe shop shopping guide, the guests into our store, you must know the customer for our shop which style shoes, and the shoe store warehouse is available, in general did not determine what customers want to buy what shoes, we can ask what customers want type the.

code, is flat, with high heels, usually wear what kind of clothes to go to help customers with the goal and to ensure that the store must have the goods to the store to introduce her shoes. Or look at what she is now dressed as a way to determine what kind of shoes she would like to wear and to introduce the customer to the warehouse.

warehouse shoes to put you do a good job, increase the chance to clinch a deal, rookie turnover can be doubled! Did you do it?

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