How to determine the quality of the cabinet recommended six principles

in recent years, the cabinet industry has a new change, fashion personality cabinets began to appear in the market, causing investment boom. The cabinet industry due to the low threshold, many people driven by interests, crazy into the cabinet industry, but the lack of experience and professional technology, the production of quality cabinets as can be imagined, so consumers in the purchase of the cabinet must be cautious. How to determine the quality of cabinet products? Six rules need to bear in mind.

A, understand the cabinet plate thickness

the current market using the latest third generation box bar tenon structure plus fixed parts and quick pieces, more effectively ensure the cabinet securely and endurance, but also for environmental protection, in combination, a single conjoined assembled cabinets assembled cabinets, there are 2-3 times in life and the stability, the cost is 5%, then the backplane must choose to do double-sided seal, or single seal back in the kitchen environment in damp moldy easy, also easy to release formaldehyde, causing health risks.

three, the cabinet details are important

closure not sealed, can cause fume, dust, insects into the existing cabinet brand launched anti cockroach mute edge cabinet door is closed, when the impact force can be alleviated, the elimination of noise but also prevent cockroaches and insects to enter, but not anti cockroach edge cost difference 3%. At the same time, quality cabinets Fengbian delicate, smooth, feel good, smooth straight line closure, joint fine, professional manufacturers with linear edge banding machine to complete the edge, breakage, trimming, chamfering, polishing, coating evenly, pressing edge pressure stability, ensure the accurate size.

four, to obtain the test report

five, do not ignore the

hardware accessories

can provide quality customer service recommendation

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