Shi Zhuoxi my personal money making experience over the years

we all go home, I only like him to play in Shanghai, plans at this time to write something new quiet heart. Playing for a few days, just think of the circle and the interaction of the question, no doubt, can not play without interaction circle. Perhaps the person is the introversion, always do not love is not so busy, and will play more and more prosperous, now can not go by his temper, after all, to let everyone know each other will have to continue to exchange interaction to understand each other, to establish a sense of love is never a utter not a single word. What. So think of this way of writing a series of things to talk to his own experience, experience in their own position, start to talk about our past, interact.

To say

was born, I was downright peasant children born in a big city, never had children so bright, there are so many opportunities to cultivate their interest in what the child is to help the family to do housework, as far as possible to be a sensible child, let the people around to boast a kwame. Consider time than now more sensible, at that time because of less experience, the concept is not complicated because of it, others must be my biggest reward, the most happy is the parents, the teacher praised the people around. To make money, and it is for this reason, it is the fourth grade, I earn first pot of gold earned: pick up mark


was a farmer, the farmer had a sheep in his family. To leave home a few miles away to the sheep, probably not too young to know how tired, northwest of the autumn, the sun is so big, around 7 in the morning every day, 12 points to go home for dinner, three pm to go out, come back at night, now that I think are scared, lonely hot ah, can be got. Back to contrast, some things really do not eat salt can be determined. In order to have something to do with the sheep, not so boring, and considering the home do not meet their surplus, and little vanity, in sheep when I pull splendens used to tie broom, pick up the harvest after falling in the mark of rubbing out the grain out of money.

can pick up half a day marks a big bundle of nylon bag and back with splendens Achnatherum splendens road marks and praise from everyone in that age, the feeling is pretty cool. After a holiday for those who pick up the marks can knead about 20 pounds of wheat, discount 10 yuan, can eat three meals a malatang. I remember when eating spicy only in winter, so a year all the pocket money saved to eat in the winter I love spicy, not easily won


people say idiotic children happy more, only to give a person the foundation, contact less, fewer choices, a single concept is indeed very easy to happiness, happiness, satisfaction. That year a holiday for more than and 40 days to pick up the shipping exchange 10 dollars for the joy of it is difficult to have the opportunity to revisit the……

To say that

began to give others work to graduate, the exam is also good in the local high school’s top class. Old, always thinking from

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