How to invest in a bomb bombing

seafood products are the most common squid, the market is now what kind of squid food have, whether it is packaged snacks or small restaurants, snacks, where can not be separated from the squid figure. Bombing of the squid, 2013 airborne Taiwan major gourmet night market, quickly swept into the banner of Taiwan to carry the flavor snack!

mouth bombing big squid, the introduction of a full set of technology in Taiwan, with the strong combination of Mr. Lai Dongyu, Taiwan chef, you will learn the authentic bombing of Taiwan squid technology, killing all cottage brand!

mouth bombing squid join the advantages:

low investment threshold, million start, low cost, high profit, whether laid-off workers or migrant workers, whether part-time white-collar workers or college students entrepreneurship, meaning mouth bombing large squid can let you thousands of dollars when the boss!

both the snack car mobile business guerrilla, 5 – or 20 square meters stalls, super store shops, erect Fort playing positions, can step by step! Whether in the community, schools, pedestrian street…… Can play a piece of heaven and earth!

free of charge to provide opportunities for further study of the staff, the new quarterly priority study! Always grasp the new fashion trends, to meet the needs of different consumer groups, to provide a solid guarantee for the long-term profitability of franchisees.

production process standardization, all raw materials have a unified deployment standards, 1 days you learn, at the same time, we also have a professional team with the store, hands-on teaching counseling to ensure that you learn, sell well!

according to the actual situation of the local shopping district, the flow of people, such as analysis and evaluation, to help each franchisee to do a good job site off. One stop service model, technical teacher training products technology to guide the successful opening of the franchisee, profit. Each entrepreneur will have a dedicated designer to provide 1 to 1 of the decoration guide, free of charge to provide the appropriate decoration drawings. Provide personnel recruitment, personnel training system, the development of the preparatory work to set up shop. Visit on a regular basis to help improve. At least 10 new products each year to meet the needs of the market and enhance competition in the restaurant.

if you are interested in the bombing of the United States to join the squid, please leave a message on our website, so that we know your willingness to join.