What do retail customers sell cigarettes

although almost every household will be Shundaizhao retail sales of cigarette products, however, under the current operating status, cigarette sales is not good to do, because of this, many retail users naturally have their own feelings. So, retail sales of cigarettes have what feeling? Let Xiaobian to introduce a few.

as the saying goes, "no tobacco is not retail", that is, if a retail household does not operate cigarettes, then it is not really the retail business. In fact, it is true that many retailers have chosen to sell cigarettes. In particular, a few years ago, some retailers to sell cigarettes feel very good. But over the past two years, due to the new economic normality, increased pressure on tobacco control and other factors of serious interference and influence, the cigarette sales situation is not optimistic, making some retailers have doubts about cigarette sales.

from time to time, it is just in the middle of the year, that is, more than half of the. So the retail cigarette business led to how? Here are a few retail guests invited to talk about the feelings of cigarette sales, and look forward to other retailers to inspire.

point of view, do a happy tobacco operators

interview guests 1: Retail man Cheng Dongfang, male, aged

, 48

retail Household East said: I have been engaged in retail business for nearly 20 years. For the cigarette business this piece, on the whole, the feeling is pretty good. In particular, a few years ago, the consumer market is more popular, some units of public funds consumption is very strong, to bring us a better business opportunities. Just my supermarket is located in the center of the county, surrounded by a lot of government agencies and institutions, so benefit from many.

however, in recent years, due to the national consumption of this piece of tight funds, while the domestic economy in the new normal, the downturn in the economy, many of the core County lack of economic growth, continue to lead to transformation, income effect. At the same time, coupled with the tobacco control efforts increase, especially the implementation of tax policy along, makes some low-income people have control in cigarette sales, this is undoubtedly also for us cigarette retailers is extremely unfavorable.

despite the overall downturn in the market, but I think this year’s cigarette sales are still doing a good job. The time has been more than half, my cigarette sales and the same period last year, there is an increase in it, which is one thing that makes me feel very happy. I would like to do a few main points:

one is to insist on confidence. Although the current industry is in a difficult period, pressure, contradictions, product structure, quality and other needs to be further optimized and improved, a great impact on the retail, and even greatly weaken the confidence of the industry. But I have always been full of expectations and confidence in cigarette sales, and perhaps this is what I have benefited from a few years ago

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