The number of enterprises in Shenzhen soared contrarian rosy economic growth

2015 China’s surging tide of entrepreneurship development, set off a tidal wave. Shenzhen, as the innovation highland of southeast coast of China, has an important influence on entrepreneurs. Its entrepreneurial density has leapt to the first large and medium cities nationwide.

2015 years, in the newly registered 462 thousand types of commercial entities, the new enterprise 293441, an increase of 23.5%; new individual industrial and commercial households, a decrease of 27%, a significant decline. The proportion of new individual industrial and commercial households and enterprises changed from 48:52 in 2014 to 35:65. Visible, the city’s innovation and development to enhance the pace of transformation and upgrading, so that the number of enterprises soared.

what kind of enterprises to increase the most? In 2015, the new registration of individual proprietorship enterprises 2912, an increase of 171.4%; partnership enterprise 6744, an increase of 115.3%; 1330 joint-stock companies, an increase of 54.5%; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises 3021, an increase of 37.2%; foreign enterprises 1340, an increase of 29%.

, distribution from the industry last year, the first industry newly registered enterprises 685, accounting for only 0.2%. Second newly registered enterprises in the industry of 21702, accounting for 7.4%, manufacturing industry of 13404. Third newly registered enterprises in the industry of 271054, an increase of 30.1%, accounting for the number of newly registered enterprises in the year of 92.4%.

in the third industry, compared with 2014, newly registered enterprises in the financial industry grew 711.2%, resident services, repairs and other services, an increase of 461.7%, information transmission, software and information technology services industry grew 239.2%, accommodation and catering industry grew 181.2%, the education sector grew 81%.

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