ncubation of Airbnb and other Unicorn after YC said it would focus on China

[Abstract]]YC partner has been in China for half a year, she is looking for potential in China to become a $1 billion market value of the company.


Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on March 19th

get up early in the morning, Adora Cheung will go through the "Wall Street journal" recently about the news of the day, and then the United States Y Combinator (YC) headquarters to call, there are hatching start-up companies to provide some advice for the afternoon usually to meet the technology industry in the field of entrepreneurs and investors. Of course, she will spend a lot of time to learn AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (virtual reality), robotics and other cutting-edge technology in the field of technology. In her view, these are likely to become the future of entrepreneurship in the air.

has been in China for six months, from September to the present, as a part of the YC, a prominent start-up in Silicon Valley, and has been working for the last months.

in order to better observe and understand the Chinese market and entrepreneurial environment, Adora visited in these six months in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other entrepreneurial boom emerging cities. Her purpose is only one, want to spend more time to help those who want to enter the YC incubator founder, so that more Chinese founders can apply for YC."

back in 2005, "Silicon Valley venture called the" the father of Paul Graham founded the start-up business incubator YC, rewriting the old order between entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley, creating a new model of venture capital. Famous Dropbox, Airbnb and other companies is a masterpiece of YC. It is understood that the total value of the YC incubator enterprise has more than 65 billion u.s..

of course, in addition to the U.S. start-up companies, many entrepreneurs from Europe, India will apply to join the YC project. YC has a long term global incubation program, divided into spring and winter. Adora told Tencent technology, last year, a total of more than and 200 entrepreneurial projects to join the YC, of which there are 136 winter. This summer, YC intends to recruit more potential startups.

and now, the incubator began to put more attention to the Chinese market. "This is our first time to focus on a country." In an interview with Tencent technology, Adora said.

According to the

data released recently estimated that last year Chinese economic growth contribution to global economic growth rate reached 26.1%, boosting global economic growth rate of 0.625 percentage points, ranking first in the world; according to the mobile data service provider QuestMobile released a report, as of December 2015, the number of active mobile equipment in China network reached 899 million, almost to catch up with the developed countries, the rapid population sum >

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