Tianjin beizhakou hit off the factory successfully selected the first batch of national certified pu

entrepreneurial incubation base for the role of entrepreneurship has been recognized, in order to adapt to the needs of the times and the development of the market, the entrepreneurial base, the public space are also constantly self innovation. Tianjin beizhakou hit off the workshop through continuous progress, was eventually named the first Guozihao multi-creation space.

beizhakou hit off factory is the first to focus on intelligent hardware entrepreneurial public record, with 1 billion 200 million angel investment funds, direct investment can provide 500 thousand yuan ~2000 yuan for each service in the project, wearable devices, intelligent robots, intelligent manufacturing industry Home Furnishing entrepreneurial team, to create a the characteristics of Tianjin Chinese Silicon Valley and innovation highlands.

beizhakou hit off workshop held twice a year to "Beijing entrepreneurship acceleration camp", each from thousands of projects in the national register of selected 20, through various channels to build and supply chain production management platform, intelligent hardware from the program to further shorten the production cycle, and set up a marketing team, open Taobao Jingdong, Suning, Gome online sales channels, help products to market quickly, the formation of sales revenue, to build industry ecosystem support.

"in national incubator management system, to the north gate hit off the factory more opportunities, build a larger platform for docking, more resources for entrepreneurs." North gate town government official said.

beizhakou creating workshops is focus on intelligent hardware business, with unique advantages to attract more entrepreneurial projects on entrepreneurial team settled, and give professional caring assistance, get a good reputation in the intelligent hardware industry, establish the public record brand effect.

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