What are the main raw materials

we all know that there is a big difference between Western food and Chinese food, Western food is often very expensive, and the Chinese have different price, to meet the needs of the people. The direct cause of the dishes is different from the selection of raw materials, in addition to different cooking practices. Here to introduce to you what are the main ingredients of Western food?

Western food raw materials are meat, aquatic products, venison, poultry, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, Cereals, seasonings, etc., in this paper only introduces the commonly used raw materials.

1, beef is the main meat of western style, according to the varieties of beef and beef, yellow beef quality good use of most, according to the feeding time and method of different adult beef and veal two kinds. Veal is a minor beef, feeding the main, usually calf length up to three months, weighing about 120 kg when the slaughter, the meat is delicate, delicious delicious. Beef steak with fried dishes, especially steak Philip (i.e. cattle tenderloin) for Jiapin, main methods of cooking steak, grilled, pan fried mostly used and barbecue, there are stewed and braised. Others such as the forelegs and hind legs, intestinal, oxtail, preserved beef tongue, with stewed, boiled, braised meat soup, corner extractive raw materials.

2 sausage, sausage varieties, is the main ingredient of pork, beef and mutton, and meat, rabbit meat, including pork and beef with the most common, is the world famous sausage varieties of German sausage, Milan sausage salad, breakfast sausage, Vienna sausage, French Vanilla salad sausage etc.. Sausage can make salad, sandwiches, appetizers, cooking dishes, dishes and accessories can also be used in Western-style food.

3, ham ham made from parts of the pig hind legs and shoulder, no bone and bone in ham whole only two, compared with the famous varieties of French smoked ham ham, Scotland ham loaf, France Chen ham, Italy ham, apple ham, ham in the role of Western-style food is very extensive, it can be Zhuliao for accessories, can also produce cold.

4, also known as bacon meat plate, Bacon is used widely in meat products Western-style food cooking, a streaky bacon and bacon ridge two, breakfast and a variety of dishes of blending is often used in cooking.

5, COD in the use of a wide range of western marine fish, the main producing areas in the northern part of the Atlantic cold water area, its meat is delicate and delicious, commonly used in fried, fried, boiled, grilled, smoked and other cooking methods. Western-style food commonly used in marine fish species, halibut, goldfish, sardines, herring, anchovies, grouper and other varieties.

6 is a species of freshwater fish, trout Westerners love to eat, the world temperate countries have produced, the common gold trout, steelhead trout and other varieties. "

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