To cross in front of this step you will find people who are struggling to as boundless as the sea an

if you are still confused on the road of life can not find the direction! If you are still unable to lift the spirit of their own efforts! If you are still on the journey of life, you will need to know if you have the confidence and ability to face it. Yale University mentality, to those who are struggling!

2, lonely boring time magazine, listen to music, nothing to their work, may be useless, but not harmful.

3, don’t think too much, especially the negative thoughts, from time to time to remove the negative thoughts.

4, learn to forget some things, those painful and embarrassing, remorse for memory, the memory of the sun room.

5, the courage to try new things, dare to face, enjoy, the courage to challenge. When I was young, I made several mistakes. But one step, one on the right, do not fork out.

6, every day is a new day, painful night. Every morning to greet a new day with optimism and enthusiasm. Even if someone had a big mouth yesterday.

7, admitted that he is not clever, not brave, so good in the face of others, can be calm and give heartfelt praise.

The highest

1 learning and learning is always the first one, not bartering.

3, the class to keep up with the teacher’s thinking, can sit in the first row to make the first row.

5, the teacher must complete the operation immediately, indeed, the university work is can drag, but that’s not the reason you slack off.

6, never forget the cooperative learning, mutual learning, in the University, without the pressure of college entrance examination, this simple to learn the spirit is commendable.

8, on their own to have high-level requirements, will not hang on.

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