Suitable for office workers a few super low threshold good project

Progress in the

era, people’s ideas are changing, now it is no longer good when a commuter, most people will have their own business, entrepreneurship is not a trifling matter, had to prevent the risk and the choice of the project!, to a large extent can avoid risks. The following is the author of the 13 suitable for workers to explore the threshold of a good project, I hope you can help.

1, do Witkey

as long as your desk has a networked computer, and you are willing to use your brain, it will make you happy.

specific way there are two: first, to undertake the task to make money, the two is to do promoters to make money. The former requires certain skills, task types, general platform will be released LOGO design, animation design, website construction, software development, copywriting, decoration design, marketing and other 20 kinds of tasks, you need to in the planning, program, plan, copy and other aspects of a certain special long, depending on your level, a price range. The latter requires a rich network of human resources, recommend a friend to register or undertake the task of publishing. Choose a regular, well-known Witkey website, registered as a member, you can according to your field of expertise, will become a creative venture, easy docking with employers, earn extra money.

2, SEO optimization to make money

SEO is search engine optimization, if you level enough cattle, and have enough patience, then you can rely on this to earn a lot! Of course, if you are a novice in this respect, good luck, blog play a little repetition of key words like lower move, also can earn a living.

3, professional skills to live

five years ago, if you work more than a private life, but also need to sneak, like a "underground workers". And now, in some of the more open big cities, private living part-time has become a fashion. The designers take private live, foreign language translation for the list and so on, the project position of high and low, as personal ability, opportunity and. However, regardless of any part-time, can exercise capacity, accumulate experience, but also can accumulate a certain amount of money, and do not occupy the work time, do not give up the current work, it is a lot more.

4, car flea market launch services

what business can at any time, and do not have to shop?. Choose a free time, buy and sellers gathered in a sale or transaction of second-hand cars and parts, to meet most of the needs of modern people, to increase transparency, to minimize the risk of. The income channel is that each participant and visitor must pay a certain amount of recommendation

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