How can students succeed in starting a business

sound financial consensus   the cause of the business will involve a lot of financial problems, whether it is the reserve fund or reinvest profits, may be the cause of the development of a clear factor. So how should college students start their own business?

1, college students how to set up a big company?

mobac, billionaire, founder of "coins star" coins star company, the company in 8900 supermarkets across the country set up 10800 automatic change machine.

mobac found opportunities. In 1991, mobac set up coins star company, he set up several automatic change machine, customers only need to be in the hands of the coins in the slot, the machine will send a receipt. Customers can receive cash receipts to the supermarket service desk, only 9% of the fee charged. Mabak and supermarket charge.

2, college dropout

how to float upon the clouds?

3, college students how to start a successful business?

2004, Zuker, a sophomore at Harvard University, decided to set up a website as a platform for college students to communicate with. He and his roommate in a week to write web site procedures. At that time, the site only provides convenience for Harvard students. Don’t want to

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