What to do to prepare investment education brand

want to invest in the education of the brand should be prepared to do business investment? Many businesses are more concerned about this issue, if you want to have a good start, you can find out what should be prepared to do. Xiaobian share some experience, I hope to help you.

the first preparation: market investigations. Investors on the intention of a personalized education brand should be a secret investigation. You can go to the project of the franchise, the identity of the customer and the shop owner or clerk chat, analysis of customer base, consumer hours, etc.. After a certain period of time to see whether the results are consistent with the content of the introduction of the headquarters, if you do not have to be careful to invest.

second for comparison of domestic and foreign project quality. Foreign education projects should be carefully evaluated, the difference between Chinese and western education, foreign brands may not be suitable for the development of education in the country, in order to prevent acclimatized, for such projects should be carefully considered. At present, many domestic one to one high-end education to join the brand, developed very well, can be used for reference.

third to join the support: to understand. Study of brand headquarters is a set of written and practical education joined the management manual and franchise operations manual, to see whether he held responsible cautious attitude to the franchisee, and pay attention to the interests of the shop and subsequent management etc..


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