Baihua garden media founder Xin Oriental quality content is not the lack of investors

mobile Internet entrepreneurship, from 2012 to 2016 opening, the past four years, changes in business models and ways to make money slowly, gradually transferred to the mobile phone terminal huge traffic entrance. Mobile Internet impact on traditional electricity providers, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon, shop one and other powerful Internet providers to seize the limelight.


80 Internet network writer, columnist, garden media founder Xin Dongfang think, after many years of experience in the Internet will change in a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, business model, and the unknown in the field after. So in order to find a place in the tide of the Internet, you need to have a normal person does not have the mode of thinking and business logic, in innovation and execution must be higher than many times the average person.

in the fusion of old and new media from the media exchange on the occasion, blossom everywhere season, quality content, the content of entrepreneurship is still the focus of future development. Whether from the initial construction, or long-term development, the continuous output of quality content, the content of the business model is still popular, and this vitality is very strong. Therefore, the current trend of mobile Internet, personal or business is not the most important crazy expansion, but calm down to their own advantage, to a greater range of radiation, after training, in order to become bigger and stronger. Only one thing to do in life, focused, practical, serious, insist on, and then things become.

in the current impetuous social situation, many people in order to blindly chase the dream, at any price in exchange for. Excessive pursuit, no steps to do, eventually being in front of the forces of heart hurt. There are steps to do things, there must be a process, especially a greater experience as an entrepreneurial process is indispensable. In fact, in the long run, any successful people have a common feature, are pre layout, the latter really do, to talk about cooperation. So if a person wants to be successful, don’t immediately make things, but first experience, so as to find the right problem breakthrough point.

in fact, most entrepreneurs have such a mode of thinking, the more simple things, the more it is worth thinking, resulting in another industrial chain. From manufacturing to create, is not only a qualitative change, but innovation contest. See a lot of foreign technology companies, has been able to survive, not only skilled, but can continue to provide different advantages, and quickly occupied the market, from Matsushita, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI, is one such example.

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"investment" in the world now also talked about entrepreneurship: "only focus, continuous, not blind expansion, but their advantage, can achieve real success. "

In fact,

is not an easy thing to do, but faced with huge risks and challenges, entrepreneurship is an experience for entrepreneurs. That old.

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