How much money to open a gold master wonton shop

project investment is a Chinese fast food restaurant investors are more optimistic about the development of the Internet in recent years, because of the catering industry is the biggest impact on the fast food industry, needs to make fast food consumption has become a popular trend. Chinese fast food is the darling of the fast food industry. Today Xiaobian is to recommend a good Chinese fast food chain stores – Gold chef Chinese fast food

" gold master is a well-known Chinese fast food brand in Shanghai, is a household name. The past two years, its influence is rapidly expanding the country. Gold master is the first brand of Shanghai golden chef Catering Management Co., Ltd., the main food for the gold master wonton". In March 1992, Mr Kim in Luwan District sainalu 78 Shanghai founded the first "gold master wonton shop, to provide the characteristics of" specialty wonton, its delicious ingredients, refreshing taste, warm service, easy price, win the customer’s favor. In the next few years, several stores were opened in response to customer requirements.

wind and rain business, from scratch, from small to large, gold master wonton development today, has many years of history. So far, the gold master wonton characteristics of the chain has reached hundreds of wonton varieties increased to 108 kinds of gold master’s voice of praise throughout the country, and won the favor of overseas consumers. "Self-improvement, pioneering and enterprising; characteristics of management, quality Societe Generale" is the company’s entrepreneurial thinking. In the future, the "golden master" will rely on the marketing concept of advanced scientific management, strict quality inspection means and modernization, launched the excellence of products and services, continue to strengthen the "golden master" brand image. At the same time, "golden master" will develop to a wider range of food.

how much does it cost to open a gold master wonton shop?

1. we hope you are really eager to develop the strength of the owners or operators

our franchisee should be a real food service industry operators, can quickly grasp the basic knowledge of the industry and business characteristics, and to prove the potential to expand the development of a certain region.

2. you need to "pre" funds invested

Advance into the

of each franchise, with 30 square meters of the store as an example, the reference investment of about 35 thousand (not including property lease fees, transfer fees, store air conditioning etc.). Franchisees can arrange their own financing

3. join and brand royalty

franchisees need to pay a one-time ten thousand yuan. Franchise agreement for a period of three years. The company uses the first supply after the checkout, the franchisee to pay a deposit of RMB ten thousand yuan. Termination date, the company should refund the deposit. < >

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