What are the secrets of the couple shop open

husband and wife two people to open a small shop, which is currently a lot of people will choose the mode of operation, which is called the couple store". However, no matter what kind of shop, if you want to open, naturally need to master a certain secret. In short, the husband and wife shop, as the name suggests is the husband and wife as the main business of the retail store. The scale is generally small, the owner is to take care of children, while some housework Side shop, but also some people, also, and business, shop and Gutian farm and to work near the factory. Most couples shop business purpose, just want to earn a profit on sales income household.

of course, but also through the transition shop, accumulated some experience and wealth, bigger and stronger metamorphosis into large supermarkets and stores. I as a from more than and 20 years ago, "the stones" along the way the couple shop owner knows, "family run shop" to survive in the cracks in the multitude of strong hardships and difficulty. And in this difficult and easy, summarize the three survival tips.

strengths and weaknesses to earth gas management

"husband and wife shop" due to environmental and resource constraints, the operation of the commodity can not be as large supermarkets and specialty stores as rich and diverse, less customers can understand. But the embarrassment and annoyance, even if we sometimes have tide, follow the trend of fashion into the individual good stuff, to improve our image size selectivity, to increase the customer shopping, we also due to the remote location, and the corresponding varieties of goods is not adequate, there are consumers of the store do not trust and so on, is also very few people to patronize and interest, even to the shelf life of the product may not be sold.

therefore, facts and lessons in front of the shop, we not unrealistic ambitious, we are selling the best things down to earth is based on the down-to-earth, around consumer habits and preferences, constant volume, and their clothing organization is closely related to the life and the big supermarket is not actively willing to sell goods such as big shovel, rake such as, daily necessaries, odds and ends of sewing.

Although these products

profit margins, but the demand for a wide range of sales, accumulated over the years, for a husband and wife store, it is also a lot of money. Secondly, we have to look at the big supermarket and our store does not exist on the price of goods. Such as "cigarette", no matter how much others the scale of the supermarket, we store the area how small, in front of the tobacco monopoly retail license ", we will be equally, equally, any kind of cigarette purchase price, we are not consistent between level and difference. If we pay more attention to it, we will find a couple stores, there are some unique conditions.

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