Suning announced that it will enter the field of business incubation

to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, not only need the government to provide assistance, but also inseparable from the strength of private capital to participate in business incubation. Suning group recently announced that it will enter the field of entrepreneurship, sports and entertainment, involved in business incubation and other fields.

in 2015 China corporate leaders meeting, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong for the first time outside of their personal reveal six years transformation experience. Zhang Jindong announced at the annual meeting of China, the end of the month Suning also released   "youth declaration", into the business, sports and entertainment areas, creating growth outlet for young people, into the new content for the Internet Age "Chinese dream".

before the three quarter, Suning three quarter revenue growth of 17.44%, on the growth of 80.63%, this is the fastest growth this year in large retail enterprises. But Zhang Jindong believes that this is only the release of Suning’s ability to transition six years, can step on the air, thanks to the early start of the merger plan suning. Zhang Jindong used to build the core competitiveness of the wind ", is Suning 25 years of forging a" Internet retail CPU "– including specialized commodity supply chain management capacity, wide coverage, fast and convenient logistics capability, and the ability to meet the needs of users of O2O extreme service.

in the upcoming 25 anniversary of our anniversary, Suning will be released the "youth declaration", three plates of culture, sports, venture capital will be the highlight of the "youth declaration", will be involved in many aspects of IP, film, theater, football, games, business incubator etc..

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