Henan innovation and entrepreneurship work conference held in Luoyang

all the government has long been aware of the important role of innovation and entrepreneurship, and introduced a number of measures to support the allocation of resources, to speed up the "double" work. To comprehensively promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a good ecological environment is essential.

12 21, Henan innovation and entrepreneurship work conference held in Luoyang. Xu Jichao, vice governor of Henan Provincial People’s government attended and addressed the meeting, chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the association of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China (CPC), vice governor of the state. Provincial departments responsible comrades, the provincial municipality, county (city) government in charge of responsible comrades and director of science and technology, some colleges and universities responsible comrades, the national science and technology business incubator, provincial university science and Technology Park, the national public record space is mainly responsible comrades of large enterprises, scientific research institutes, venture capital institutions the principal responsible comrades, some of the contest winning enterprises, the winning team of representatives to attend the meeting.

Xu Jichao pointed to a profound understanding of innovation driven reform is actually the supply side, the growth of small and micro enterprises is the key of innovation driven development space, the public record is the core content of small and micro enterprises cultivating system.

Innovation should focus on the key tasks of

, one is to speed up the construction of public record incubation platform. Various types of industrial development carrier, universities, government, social capital, professional organizations, research institutes, enterprises should build public space.

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