A monthly income of over 3 points on million micro entrepreneurs of 2015 micro business operators

notes: in my impression, whether online or offline Internet companies, the traditional enterprise, any bigger companies at the starting stage and even early start for a long time, is to rely on a few core staff and even the boss himself by running the business and finally lay the country.

from the beginning of 2014, micro business swept across the country, swept the circle of friends of WeChat, gradually swept the mobile social software and related community forums.

admittedly, micro business is currently the hottest industry, but also the most professional fire. I started from the beginning of 2014 WeChat marketing research, and now more than a year’s time, see a lot of changes, brought me a lot of thinking.

before 2014, it should be said that rarely mentioned micro business, even if the sellers in WeChat, but also is simple to understand it as a way to earn money, did not say it is a kind of occupation. Popular argument is WeChat marketing, because before 2014, WeChat public has begun to appear prosperous state, WeChat marketing has been a lot of enterprises, so we all want to promote the product brand by WeChat, to bring the business.

After the

in 2014, WeChat marketing is more and more hot, WeChat public number operators demand more and more, then I establish the WeChat public number of micro electricity supplier home, took a fancy to the demand, because WeChat marketing and operations at the time, was very fresh positions, including now, also still very new jobs, such as new media operators, are very different from the traditional internet post operation. So, did not have some practical experience in many of the share, everyone on this aspect of the great demand for knowledge.

so, when one is in order that they can learn some things, on the other hand, is to provide a learning platform to establish such a WeChat marketing and operation of the learning platform, positioning the main push to WeChat or the public number of operations and planning for the lord.

why did I come back to this


the main reason is to let everyone can clearly see some micro business, as well as the content at the beginning of the inscription.

think about a micro business model in the end is progress or retrogression?

I remember to have seen such a word, probably meaning is this: the emergence of the Internet (including electricity providers, mobile Internet, etc.), in order to eliminate the intermediary channel. For this sentence, I think, as now bigger business platform – Alibaba most feel. B2B business platform services to Alibaba, between the producers of raw materials procurement and production cooperation wholesale model, another integrated platform taobao.com (including Tmall) with low price products to consumers, and ultimately affect the retail and wholesale shops that line of business.

PC from the Internet electricity supplier model can

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