77 year old entrepreneurial success history

nowadays many young people are tired of nine to five jobs, and they are tired of doing part-time jobs which can not achieve their own value. But they can’t be too early to make a stable job and get out of it and have no real courage to start a new life. But a 77 year old man did it. His name was Huang Wupu.

"if not Huang Lao obsessed with science, he made YOFC leaders is not a problem." Huang Wupu recalled in YOFC days, 20 years ago, the old men, now partner Li Yong said.

is retired, but his heart is still working for decades yofc. In order for the company to do a website, Huang Wupu began to learn computer from the age of 60, when CPU was 586, a computer more than 20 thousand, 61 years old when he began to contact the Internet, from the market to buy a US software began his research, the first site of YOFC from the yellow hand Po E. In order to process materials for producing optical fiber, it is dynamic, he taught himself Flash, to the end of his level can have a glass fiber wire drawing process demonstration like really like.

when Huang Wupu on the bus. The idea of English sentences, 14 hours every day, try to speak until the negotiations, a feasibility study report on cooperation with Holland and Japan is completed, can write articles. Basically the first year to learn to read documents; second years to speak; for some years in Wuhan, some of the designers when the translation. "I was thinking of YOFC need to cooperate with foreign countries, so English learning is particularly fast." Huang Wupu said.

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