Entrepreneurial chariot will advance the main battlefield of the real economy

Chen Weijia with the rapid pace of development to the interpretation of the hundreds of millions of people to create the value of the growth of the enterprise, of course, of which there must be endless efforts and sweat, in order to achieve today’s scale. Here to learn about

"big customer thinking" to win the market

and Boxun forefront of biological products in different markets, Changchun branch should be the general manager of special materials Co. Ltd. Wang Haibo believes, whether it is business or engage in production, scientific research institutes engaged in research and development, only keep an eye on the market demand and vitality. This year, our province banned plastic, the company quickly started Changchun Institute accumulated a biodegradable material technology, 10 years at present, 3 production lines will be put into use, for the production of biodegradable plastic products.

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