Catering to join the shop also need to pay attention to the risk of deep water

catering industry hot development, provide more business opportunities for entrepreneurs, there are many people embarked on a successful road to riches by catering business, more and more people want to open a restaurant franchise, see if you want to join the brand are queuing or business booming and the most exciting when the meal and remind you to think about the following 3 questions:

1, do you have the power to achieve monopoly in the place where you invest?

2, business behind the existence of commercial speculation, such as spending money to buy popularity?

3, business prosperity means to make money? You feel the atmosphere is from the cost of the stack, you can determine whether they are profit or loss?……

mentioned the wheel multi brand tactics, refers to the catering enterprises often under the creation of a number of brand and set up shop, then continue to attract investors to participate in the exhibition, to obtain high initial fee, and when the 1 brands fall they will quickly create a new brand to replace. Businesses need to operate this way a strong financial support for the operation, and this is often the payment of food investors.

catering businesses to sell equipment or raw materials for the purpose, and even provide investors with free training and other services, more common in the production of a single or small scale food type. This type of market positioning and post operation or rely on the investor itself, and food safety and raw material costs will also become the biggest potential business development of the latter.

food and beverage industry seems to be a consensus that, namely to do good food and beverage companies generally do not join, join them it means huge brand risk; of course blindly advocate to join the catering business is not without merits, but it should be built on the basis of investigation on the conscience of the business. Which is the biggest risk to food. Love, let the catering enterprises in the expansion of the road lost, the loss of originality.

deep dining area

mentioned earlier, the concept of deep dining area, refers to the food and beverage investors involved in kitchen management, cost control, procurement, warehousing, human resources and marketing, which is the core of the food system. In addition to the precise positioning of the market, but also need to have a professional and team work to be able to operate.

is different from the concept of "catering shallow water", our definition is the restaurant investors involved more than 90% of the raw material by the headquarters and distribution and quality depend on the cook, the small scale of investment, this type of food produced a single. For example, two very popular skewers, actually belong to the food in shallow water, investors need to consider the location of decoration and market competition, as long as the size of almost yibenwanli. Recommended

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