E commerce risks are you ready

In recent years,

popular word e-commerce, so many entrepreneurs see new business opportunities, so they have invested, the results are not so ideal. Once upon a time, e-commerce has become the lifeblood of China’s Internet economy, become the focus of attention of numerous media enthusiasm, was dubbed a number of dazzling aura. With the increasing number of Internet users, the market share continues to expand, emerging models continue to emerge, the multi trillion market cake, attracting millions of entrepreneurs and investors.

A, large market size, competition is very cruel.

experienced only a few years time, China business overall market size has exceeded tens of thousands of yuan, its development speed is far more than Chinese traditional food, textile, chemical, mechanical and electrical industries. 2011 China’s overall consumer environment is clear, the number of Internet users will accelerate growth, China’s electricity supplier market will inevitably double the size of the market. Coupled with China’s online shopping loyalty is not high, the problem of homogenization of goods in the short term is difficult to solve, creating opportunities for new sites. Huge cake seems to be in front, as long as you can easily cut out.

Chinese, vertical portals, regional fashion business also had more than ten million. Can really be influential on the market site, only wheat bags, catwalk, shopping network, vip.com and other sites do not exceed 20. And hundreds of thousands or even millions of entrepreneurial, small and medium sites have been drowned in the tide of the market.

of course, there are many electricity providers earn.

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