Female college graduate Village entrepreneurship to achieve the industrialization of rural electrici

college student village policy to promote the majority of rural management and development work to inject fresh ideas. In the current management activities to promote mining, play college-graduate village official in the field of entrepreneurship demonstration leading role, promote the rural economic development is to realize the transition of the new.

and rural electricity supplier

through visits to the village home, she has been thinking, how can the farmer’s life and production environment become more convenient, some. Li Nianyu said, after graduation, found that e-commerce really develops very quickly, but they participate in supplier training also found that although more and more people into the industry, but the proportion of farmers is very small, after all or the Internet are still not really into the life, bring convenience to their lives.


"village without the network, then I will go out and buy a notebook computer, installed broadband." Li Nianyu said that when he saw Alibaba in the south, thousands of counties and villages, the program is very successful, try to open an e-commerce service station in the village. Now basically can meet the villagers at home pay bill, buy train tickets, airline tickets, purchase of goods and other needs, the villagers own production of agricultural products can also be sold through the third party platform, recently realized Internet credit can provide small loans to the villagers.

the future to achieve industrialization of rural electricity supplier


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