Bubble thinking is also suitable for Entrepreneurship

as an entrepreneur, has a good entrepreneurial thinking is very important, good entrepreneurial thinking can make it better to control their entrepreneurial process. So what is the general thinking of entrepreneurship? Some people think that boys are more suitable for the bubble thinking.

The key is the first step of

approached and entrepreneurship is the courage to take the first step, Ruan Qi theory is 30 seconds in the 30 principle: if you dare to say hello or hesitate, the probability behind you greet will become increasingly low, even in the past Hello is stuttered, effect of big discounts. Because you think too much in the process, greatly dispelled their courage and determination. Go through the motions to say that you want to know each other, do not make a bunch of excuses to stall and perfunctory themselves and others.

in my video talk nonsense "seven" before, a lot of people tell me, don’t do video video, the cost is too high, even if the money is hard to do. And people come over to me and say, single click to 100 thousand is very great. Consulting friends around, is basically the same advice. But then I think, if we do not regret it in the future, if done, even if not successful, at least no regrets.

approached the purpose is to understand their own right of the opposite sex, so as to further deepen mutual understanding and exchanges, to achieve the purpose of communication continuity. The man is always eager to create opportunities to attract the attention of the other party, or to do everything possible to get each other’s goodwill, eventually got messed up all things.

tumbled male are the most common way of communication, nanny care. The number of months as a day carrying a box lunch, waiting at the girl downstairs, aunt asked the girl to drink plenty of water. Hello every morning at night to say good night, or to ask their recommendation

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