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may also join the shop, the same decoration, the same lot, but because of the different and the impact of each other’s business, in fact, on the placement of jewelry with the University asked, do you know this? Here Xiaobian to analysis!

1, easy to take jewelry, easy to take, easy to restore the display is a big skill.

2, to pay attention to color match.

3, there is the amount of jewelry to the amount of customers.

accessories must be full enough feeling in the display, with a plurality of accessories together to can attract more attention and interest of customers than a single. Just imagine, if you have the same two stores in one street, one of them is very full, and the other is relatively rare, it seems relatively deserted, then you will choose to enter? I think we will definitely choose to enter the first. This is what the saying goes".

4, the same kind of commodity display using the principle of proximity.

What is the

5, make full use of the principle of attracting customers.

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