Fan helmet innovative products sought after

whether it is a fan or a helmet, we will not feel strange, but the combination of the two, I am afraid that most people will feel strange. But it is such an innovative product, but also for operators to create a great wealth, which is the fan helmet.

is now a grand construction area, many developers, everywhere to engage in development. Head of the helmet of migrant workers fighting in the first line every day. The integrity of summer, when the average person can not experience the sweat. Sometimes they complain too hard. The main reason is too hot.

our products in the past few months, although it is designed for them and services, but never with these migrant workers zero distance contact. Because of their own ideas that migrant workers in the construction of our products do not catch a cold, so I have no confidence.

today, a colleague and I put forward his ideas, he said: so many workers around the building, we will go to their site at the entrance of a booth? I said: estimated little effect. He said: try it. It doesn’t cost much. I can only say: ok.

on the second day of the morning, we all get up very early, the leaves of the plant fan safety helmets and stalls along the good, put in the car, ready to start. To the vicinity of the construction site at about 6 o’clock in the morning, we quickly put the stalls, put on our products.

just laid the goods, there is a little brother in the hands of migrant workers to eat breakfast, he went to work early. Straight to our booth, his face was very curious. He took a closer look at it and said, "it’s a big fan. I said: want is this effect. He smiled and said: Well, indeed, like this day, we have to work every day in the air conditioning is comfortable. But for money, no way ah. In the heat to go to work ah.

said, he picked up a fan to wear the helmet on the head, turn on the switch, blowing in his face, put a pair of enjoy it. Said: cool, I bought. Asked the price, what words did not say, money, hat did not win, leave. I told my colleagues next to say: look, people how much gas ah. How nice it is for us to meet these people in business.

is probably a little over 7, and more people are starting to work on the site. Through the people will come to see, there are several workers said: you this product is really sold to our heart, hot summer days, work is indisposed, anxious to soak in the water now. How much money have to buy a. In this way, some buy 1, and some buy 2, and some to buy a friend with a 3.

look at the eighty percent of the people will buy. The morning passed by. It was not until about 8

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