Fishing gear ten brands list

fishing has become a recreational activity of countless people leisure time will be applied to, and the number of fans is more and more, in this context, fishing market is more and more big, the brand is more and more. So, fishing gear which brand is better? Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the ten major brands of fishing gear, look at the fishing gear market which are relatively loud reputation of the big brand.

fishing tackle ten brands list NO.1, Weihai GW Refco Group Ltd: Koi Koi

was founded in 1987, a large group of fishing enterprises, one of the world’s most complete varieties yield the highest fishing production enterprises, Weihai Guangwei Refco Group Ltd.

fishing tackle ten brands list NO.2, TICA di – Ningbo Ling Industrial Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd.:

was founded in 1965 in Taiwan, the ten major fishing tackle brand, R & D, production and marketing services in one of the enterprises, Ningbo’s industrial Fishing Tackle Co. ltd..

fishing tackle ten brands list NO.3, Pacific – Jiaxing Pacific Ocean Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd.:

In Taiwan

1976, international famous companies, starting from the line of R & D and production and marketing, brand enterprises, Jiaxing Pacific fishing tackle Co Ltd.

fishing gear ten brand list NO.4, fishing king – Hubei fishing king fishing gear Co., Ltd.:

fishing industry leader, influential brand in the industry, focusing on fishing operations and to provide quality services for fishing enterprises, Hubei diaoyuwang Fishing Tackle Co. ltd..

fishing tackle ten brands list NO.5, the popular · Laogui; Hubei Laogui fishing bait limited liability company:

was founded in 1993, the influence of brand industry, specializing in sports and fishing tackle manufacturing sales of Integrated Company, Hubei Laogui fishing bait Co. ltd..

fishing gear ten brand list NO.6, Dragon King hate LOONVA – Hubei dragon hate fishing tackle Group Co., Ltd.:

A Well-Known Trademark in China, Hubei province famous brand, Hubei famous brand, bait industry leader, leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, Hubei longwangheng fishing Group Co. ltd..

fishing tackle ten brands list NO.7, blue ocean – Beijing Blue Sea Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd.:

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