An enormous wealth of marketing strategy out of the

The successful history of

one plus one clothing brand is the very representative, one plus one brand success in addition to its excellent quality, it is more important to adopt a marketing model — an marketing is very scientific and very advanced. Let’s look at how successful it is one plus one.

10 years ago, a company named "one plus one" clothing store quietly was born in Guangzhou, the boss is a 20 year old Chen Zhanhong. After 10 years of development, "one plus one" by a family of garment shops into fashion design company, and thus the formation of "one plus one" industrial limited company, not the cost of business, 10 years, Chen Zhanhong has become a self-employed by more than and 20 companies big boss, assets amounted to tens of millions of dollars each year, only about $15 million of foreign exchange export clothing.

"one plus one" special is that the market in moderation, "bombardment" of every new product on the market for the total, never "boom" too far, not overdo sth.. Chen Zhanhong’s idea is the customer buy things to eat, something suddenly eat too full for this kind of thing will never, never lift not interest in it.

"one plus one" in order to ensure the products of "fast" and "new" features, Chen Zhanhong attaches great importance to information, and strive to put information into products in the shortest time, seize the "new tide of fashion". At present, "one plus one" only suit style has 20 kind of many. No capital of the venture, by "fast" and "new" is not in the market to win. The real market is dominated by customers, only to win customers, in order to win the market, in order to ensure that the boom was strong.

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