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entrepreneurial journey is long and difficult, want to achieve the normal operation of the store, business in the business when people need to master certain skills for business location, shop idea of entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs in the business when easy to make mistakes, to find the facade often made the following 4 kinds of errors:

the more anxious more is to find a good appearance. Entrepreneurs for the first time to find the facade, no relevant experience, all subjective judgment, after seeing a facade, without careful consideration, hasty decision. So many people pay a lot of price, or regret not to pay a deposit, and it does not matter, the most afraid of being handed over to find their mistakes, but has not come out. Business is a very good thing to do, look for the facade is also, the heart is too often can not find a good facade.

Second, is "afraid"


now the entrepreneur is 80, afraid of trouble. To look for the facade, the scene looks impatient! In fact, we look for the facade, there are rules to follow. For example, after the first shop is to establish a good, and then determine the facade. Where is the money flow, passenger flow principle! And then collect facade consulting, with professional organizations, such as search window service for our free recommended information window! Will save a lot of time and a lot of trouble! "Fear" is unable to find the door of the trouble.

Third, is "greed"

Fourth, is "


with business ideas, often to do business projects are not very clear. It is difficult to achieve the desired results without clear goals. In the process of looking for the facade, many people tend to make this mistake. Look at this also make money fast, that also make more money, so this project look, that project look. It seems to see, or do not know what to do, the result is still a look after a facade. Decided to do certain business.

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