The enrollment of Bozhou TV University to become the province’s model

a lot of people because of various reasons lead to their early drop out of school, in order to be able to make their own to learn more knowledge, a lot of people will choose to study in the University of radio and Television University, what is the scope of enrollment? Anhui provincial radio and television system in 2017 enrollment conference held in Bozhou tv. For this problem, we take a look at the Bozhou TV University is how to do it?

in recent years, Bozhou TV university ideas clearly, properly handle the relationship between the scale, quality and efficiency, in the process of strategic transformation in RTVU system adapt to the situation, face the reality, to withstand pressure, overcome difficulties, and actively explore, rebound, and ensure the steady and healthy development of the enrollment of school and county workstation. The school of innovation, the use of new media, WeChat campus in the enrollment expanding propaganda, according to the actual needs of society for talents, creation of professional market, broaden the students enrollment channels, to seek a breakthrough, accurate enrollment, by the provincial RTVU and brothers, recognition.

various aspects of enrollment, students can broaden the understanding of the channels, so that more people began to return to the classroom, the natural advantage will be more. Since 2011, Bozhou radio and Television University for 5 consecutive years as the "advanced school units", the school admissions office has repeatedly been awarded the "advanced collective" title.

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