Pocket G row join venture good project

we all know, snack business, has been very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. So, the business to choose to join the pocket G row? Good project, good choice, trustworthy! Worth joining!

do snack business to make money? Pocket G row refining in the years of practice, the original, fried, pickled, in the sale of four step in the standardization process, all varieties of production have achieved delicacy formula standardization, process flow, simple operation, easy to operation, self control. Do snack business make money? Pocket G row to join the brand more exclusive development of coated powder, sauce, marinade, barbecue, and metal materials and other materials comprehensive and efficient distribution, are private level, only for the reasonable signing open, and promised the authenticity and value of the formula. Do snack business make money? Pocket G row brand through the vacuum roll kneading the chicken tenderness to the best condition, strict control of temperature and time standard.

do snack business to make money? Pocket G row juicy not dry, fragrance overflowing. At present, each has a unique production process and exquisite storefront decoration, whether it is the image of the TV media or the real store, are very attractive to customers, mobilize the desire to buy customers. Do snack business make money? Pocket G row will allow customers to enjoy a unique crisp taste, will be completely conquered by food. Many of the arrival of consumers are repeat customers, are loyal supporters. Since the recruitment of the G project in the pocket of the television media reports, many supporters prefer, many new customers fell in love with fried chicken from Taiwan.

1, patrol team responsible for the shop, the division of the supervision of the store, the pockets of G to join the store every day, we know the dynamics of the problem, the problem is resolved in a timely manner, operating, experience sharing in a timely manner. Service scoring system of pocket G joined the company set up shop inspection and row store staff, pay attention to store feedback, we not only provide the entire shop output, but for each store support implement, responsible in the end, service is our foundation of this


2, new products to the store is not only technology, but also includes audio, posters, publicity, the overall distribution, bombing.

3, promotional programs are not on paper, according to the characteristics of each store’s shopping district, tailored!

4, pocket G row to join the headquarters of a unique brand of audio (CCTV team dubbing Soundtrack), with the power of sound spread. Shop did not see, the sound of the first pass, detonated fire business!

5, not only focus on brand promotion (TV: Shanghai, popular delicacy, with star Scirocco) and other media publicity, and publicity for the store;

6, in addition, as long as you are college students, poor areas, people with disabilities, etc.

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