Fuzhou metro line test operation get the support of the masses

Fuzhou Metro opened in the day before, the subway is the first subway in Fuzhou, so just trial operation period, triggered a public craze, have to experience the subway brings experience. The opening of the subway, will facilitate people’s lives, so that people feel more convenient, worthy of attention.

Fuzhou Metro Line 1 (phase I) total passenger volume of 3 million 588 thousand passengers, the average daily passenger traffic of 116 thousand passengers, the highest single day passenger capacity of up to 138 thousand passengers, punctuality rate of up to 99.95%.

implementation of the Fuzhou subway mileage sub denominated vote, line 1 (a) the entire 24.89 km, across 21 sites planning and allocation of 31 public convenience bicycles, 27 non motor vehicle stops, the peak every 7 minutes, low peak period of 10 minutes. Fuzhou has become the country’s first new line to open one of the two cities to provide operational services for one of the 16 hours.

Fuzhou subway opened, has brought great convenience to the surrounding when people travel, let people see a subway, happened to turn the world upside down life change, workers will no longer have to worry about traffic jams, and will bring great convenience to people’s lives more convenient, the people of Fuzhou.

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