Amway Cup Xining first civilized community selection activities old party members talk about life

the morning of November 6th, the old party Zhao Yin carefully removed from the newspaper in the mailbox, and then came to the north area of Bridge Street office in the bridge community, with more than thirty other members of the community staff and the old party truth forum speech.

forum, the old members of the community scrambling to tell their own happy life, talk about the future.

think of the oath to join the party that day, my mood is very excited." This year, 92 year old Li Cunyan said he was old, but to continue to play the waste heat, to help people who need help. In the family courtyard, Li Lao, but we are very respectful to the elderly, Li Lao often clean the yard, in the yard duty patrol, the summer to help cool people end tea pouring. Driven by the elderly, residents of the residents of the environmental awareness improved, and Li Lao similar age of the elderly are also willing to take the initiative to help others.

78 year old Guo Guisheng is one of 40 years a member of the old party members, "learning files, read books and newspapers, to publicize the party’s policies is my happiness." Guo Guisheng always put the words in his mouth. Live in the family of small bridge club Guo Guisheng swept the families of the hospital’s cultural propaganda work, every month he regularly publicize the party’s principles and policies on the blackboard bulletin board, answer questions for neighbors. After the completion of the new bridge community integrated service center early next year, I am ready to set up a youth counseling room in the community." Guo Guisheng smiled and said his plan, I want to carry out counseling, calligraphy and painting talent training and moral education, but also to tell the children how happy the life now". (author: Ma Xiaowei)

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