ndustry and commerce departments to investigate a fake dimples inferior wine blending colorful mutu

January 13th, Xining City Administration Bureau Chaoyang North Industrial and Commercial Bureau have destroyed a false dimple, worth nearly thirty thousand yuan.

according to the clues provided to the public, the road to a rental system of counterfeit products. January 13th, Chaoyang industrial and commercial law enforcement officers came to the rental house found that the house is filled with a good colorful mutual, as well as some scattered wine, wine bottles, etc.. Law enforcement officers on the spot seized counterfeit brand "colorful" mutual aid "mutual aid" 303 bottles of wine, 9 bottles of Red Star tianyoude "," mutual colorful "coat 2000 sets (including jade, hanging bottle neck) and outer packing box 200," mutual aid "brand of origin protection of geographical indications in 1600, and 1000 anti fake label. Law enforcement officers in that they will ask processors, the bottle of inferior bulk wine into high-grade, posing as high-end wine sales.

currently, the case is under further investigation.


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