A railway project started before the end of next month

Reporters from the Provincial Communications Department was informed that in February 26th, our province "12th Five-Year" during a key construction project of fish card to Yiliping local railway project will be fully started construction before the end of next month.

it is reported that fish card to Yiliping local railway is an important part of the local railway network in our province, which is connected with the dungog railway, but also the Qaidam circular economy test area is an important transportation channel. The project is located in Haixi state, railway operating mileage of 126.9 kilometers, which is a total length of 98.2 kilometers; simultaneous implementation of Hongliugou station reconstruction project of 1.8 kilometers, the project investment of 2 billion 999 million yuan, the construction period of 30 months. To start the construction of the project as soon as possible, to promote the economic development of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, the Provincial Department of transportation to broaden the financing channels for the construction of capital, through the introduction of social capital investment. The project uses the "BT construction contract" model in the country to carry out public bidding. At present, the construction unit has been actively approached with the local government to start the relocation of the previous work.

in addition, the project to take the "BT construction contract" construction mode, but also for the province’s transportation infrastructure financing structure, financing and financing and other diversified made a useful exploration.


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