Our province has reached the leading level of domestic medicine

8 month 12 days to 14 days, by the Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Medical Association of high altitude medicine branch, provincial medical units and provincial people’s Hospital hosted eighth plateau medical academic conference and the first cross strait (alpine plateau) medical forum held in Xining. More than 300 high altitude medical experts from both sides of the Strait together in the summer capital of Xining, around the "plateau (mountain) medicine – from basic research to the precise medical" theme, to explore the new trend of the development of high altitude medicine.

Qinghai Tibet Plateau known as the roof of the world, contains many mysteries to be solved urgently, the medical community as the world’s most superior plateau hypoxia natural test site". In recent years, the Chinese Medical Association Medical Branch of the plateau plateau integration of high quality resources hypoxia medical research field, the unity of national plateau has made a large number of outstanding talents, the international forefront of innovative research achievements in the study of high altitude disease pathogenesis and protective measures of population, plateau medicine career development in China has reached the leading level, has important academic the status and influence in the international medical community wide plateau.

This forum to share

collected from both sides of the Strait 103 high quality plateau medical research papers, focusing on the "plateau (Alpine) hypoxia acclimatization and adaptation mechanism, plateau hypoxia adaptation (Alpine) difference between groups, hypoxia injury pathophysiology and molecular mechanism, plateau (high mountain), acute hypoxia injury intervention chronic mountain (Mountain), treatment and prevention of disease epidemiology and specification four issues, conducted extensive academic exchanges. Taiwan aerobics Association and the Chinese Medical Association in the medical branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement; Taiwan Yangming University Sports Health Science Research Center and Institute of plateau medical science research signed a strategic alliance agreement.


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