Xining lock industry association was formally established

In September 17th, Xining city lock industry association acceptit ceremony held in Qinghai province Jireh Hotel


9 month 17 days, Xining lock industry association acceptit ceremony held in Qinghai province Jireh hotel. Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center Yuan Yongzheng, chief executive officer of the detachment of public security detachment and other relevant departments attended the ceremony and the opening ceremony of the association.

in recent years, the lock industry is developing rapidly, and provides convenience for the masses to solving problems. However, I lock industry is out of control too much, business unit management, internal management confusion, the business unit part lock unlock technology review, personnel management is not strict, in the service process and lack of strict supervision and management etc.. To this end, the Municipal Public Security Bureau after consultation with the relevant units, the establishment of the lock industry association in Xining, the implementation of the industry to unlock the area police station, sub (county) bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau three level management. Engaged in unlocking service unit must consciously accept the management and supervision of public security organs and the city of Xining lock industry association, have a fixed place of business, legal representative and practitioners, there is no illegal records prove intentional crime issued by my domicile of the public security organs, by qualified Xining lock industry association to the district police station, after examination sub (county) filing Bureau, the municipal public security department; Xining Industry Association to unlock unlock unit operators and unlock technical personnel filed library, detailed information about the. Lock industry operators and their employees engaged in work, which caused the loss or certain consequences to consumers and others, shall bear civil liability according to law, constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.




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