North District launched the civilized table action again to bother to be a virtue

small dining table, great civilization. In January 29th, north of the city of Xining, a City District civilization office started the "civilized dining, thrifty Germany to support the" civilized dining action in the area of more than 750 restaurants, the public advocate a civilized, frugal, and peaceful Spring festival.

according to the City District civilization office responsible person, this action to hotels, restaurants, canteens on launch area catering service industry, service personnel and consumers to actively participate in the "civilized consumption, thrift" as the theme of the civilized table action, advocate frugal meal, civilized dining, civilization will also organize relevant departments. The inspector area related to catering units.

in the civilized table action, many restaurants, schools, agencies and corporate canteens have publicly promised to take the initiative to remind customers how many points to eat leftovers, packing, packing supplies will be provided free of charge, and the service is included in the code of conduct, guidance and service work of civilized consumption, let "prostrate" be a virtue. Reporters found that many restaurants have been set at the entrance of the civilized dining signs, hanging in the restaurant civilized meal promotional signs, and everywhere dining etiquette and smile service.

refuse to waste, start with me. Civilized table action started, the streets and communities have also been carried out a family of green dining, civilized dining, refused to waste and other civilized dining activities, so that the effect of civilized dining table radiation. (author: Peng Na, Fan Shengdong)

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