Mass culture in our city

over the past few years, a lot of foreign tourists came to Xining, was deeply infected by the mass cultural atmosphere, feeling the charm of Xining infinite vitality. Indeed, the streets of Xining today, all the city is rich and unique cultural atmosphere of infection and attraction. In Xining, a place where the street square, regardless of seasons, there will be a team, team, yangko dance Guozhuang fan dance team, dance aerobics team was going on. There is a small garden where there are said to play music whenever the folk art team, passionate amateurs, people from their expressions, an endless enjoyment ebullience and energetic dance, can taste the happiness and sweetness…… In fact, these are just a part of the cultural life of the people of Xining now, and this one scene is reflected in the vitality of Xining, the expression of Xining’s civilization, highlighting the charm of Xining. This is the new period in our city in the transformation of mass culture, and actively explore, bold attempt to come out of the results. In recent years, the city to strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, improve the cultural soft power of the city and the city’s cultural Huimin service system innovation results.

long history, fertile soil of mass culture

in the history of the change in Xining, today the formation of multiracial and multicultural common development, common prosperity, profound historical culture, national culture, fully inclusive and equitable coexistence of religious culture and colorful fashionable urban culture, constitute the unique regional culture of Xining, unique, distinctive style. In the regional culture nourish the soil fertile, our city mass cultural activities showing diversity unique, especially since the reform and opening up, the city’s various cultural festivals, cultural square and seasonal mass culture, traditional folk cultural activities formed a certain scale and features.

, however, with the rapid development of Xining’s economy and society, the problem of mass culture has become more and more prominent, and the scale of mass cultural facilities is small, the equipment is simple and the function is not complete. Although the streets can be seen everywhere, but most of the masses are spontaneously together, lack of guidance. The average education level and professional level is not high, the lack of outstanding personnel, the streets of the town and township level cadres of mass culture is not stable. Some grass-roots mass culture is not enough attention, inadequate investment, and public cultural facilities and venues are often diverted, low openness of public welfare. At the same time, although since 2000, the city’s total public cultural facilities, the rapid growth of the number but the country bear public service enterprises and institutions, uneven, community cultural facilities is not fully open, the library network level is low, influence the play of cultural resources, poor sharing.

in the new era, the mass cultural work is facing challenges

in the new historical period, the municipal government realized that culture is the soul of a city, is a microcosm of the heavy accumulation of history and civilization, no solid foundation of mass culture, the basic power is not the whole city culture development and prosperity. The development of culture not only allows the public to enjoy the spirit, but also let them feel the change;

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