Laba to Huangyuan to enjoy folk custom Laba porridge

To further demonstrate the Huangyuan County unique original ecological folk culture, build Dan Gar folk culture tourism festival, January 27th (the 8th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) 10:30 in the ancient city of Dan Gar held before the seventh arch Haimen Dan Gar Folk Culture Tourism Festival and the fifth Dan in the Laba Festival opening ceremony, at the appointed time, the majority of tourists will enter the most China folk cultural characteristics the tourism destination, the enthusiasm of the people of Huangyuan will offer visitors a series of colorful folk cultural performances, make authentic and delicious Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits.It is reported that the

, Dan Gar "Laba Festival" folk cultural activities in order to show the "dragon, the charm of Huangyuan" as the theme, the event will be a performance of traditional art programs and brewed "Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits" in the ancient city of the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient Dan in the scene, "thousand character Laba" activities, visitors can not only enjoy the Han sell cloth, leather goods, selling Tibetan costume of the county magistrate street, apply, throwing Hydrangea xiulou peddle ice flower, peddler, Tomatoes on sticks, extraction of pop culture performances, you can also watch the Opera, folk art, Qinghai Ping Xian and other performances, full experience of rich ancient folk culture.

"Laba Festival" in the past "sacred and solemn expression, first must play" Laba "ice chunks of ice from the beach by playing ice ice," Laba "ice wall, placed in the four corners of the yard of Zhuang Kuo, the first four central angle, top, dunghill the cattle stalls, slotted head top. At the same time the old farmers by observing the ice inside the steam hole size, forecast the yield of crops, such as the steam holes are small and dense that rapeseed crop is good, the steam holes round and big is that kind of beans will harvest, such as steam hole into an oval saw the wheat harvest. Huangyuan folk proverb, the next year, Zhuang Jiacheng is not, first look at the Laba ice is derived from this. This behavior is derived from the ancient "Ice Festival" custom, is to give a large piece of ice to the gods, pray for the gods to bless; small pieces of broken ice family and food, and even to the food of poultry and livestock. So there is a "eat Laba ice, four seasons do not get sick," said. "Laba Festival" in fact expressed the good wishes of the people look forward to harvest.  

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